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Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. SWave.Net makes no warranties expressed or implied, including warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability. SWave.Net or other legal authorities may determine inappropriate usage of this account, and account privileges may be revoked at SWave.Net’s discretion. SWave.Net prohibits personal account holders to share ID names and passwords with non-account holders. Personal accounts are for personal use only. Corporate accounts can be shared with company employees but not simultaneously. Should any of these instances occur, your account may be disabled without prior notification.
  2. Some sites on the Internet charge fees for access, require membership, or sell products and services. These fees are independent of SWave.Net services and are conducted on a transactional basis between the subscriber and the vendor.
  3. The Internet provides access to all types of information, including materials that may not be suitable for all family members. By the nature of the Internet, individuals must actively seek to access posted information, and SWave.Net assumes no responsibility and is under no obligation to restrict or screen materials that may be accessible to its clients.
  4. Upon account start-up, SWave.Net will provide the client with a licensed copy of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer configured with SWave.Net as the home World Wide Web page. StrausWave.Net will provide free technical support on the software we provide to our clients.
  5. Clients may cancel their accounts at any time by a written request, via e-mail, or by regular mail.
  6. Dial-up clients are required to sign an automated payment agreement for either monthly credit card charges or ACH bank account debits. These clients will be charged the appropriate monthly fee on the 30th of each month. For corporate accounts using the purchase order option, SWave.Net will issue monthly invoices on the following terms: “net due 10 days from the invoice date.”
  7. If credit is denied by the authorizing bank, or payment is not made within the time period specified above, service will be discontinued until the credit or payment is received. A penalty of $15 will be charged on all transactions returned for insufficient funds. Interest of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) will be charged on all past due amounts. SWave.Net reserves the right to cancel delinquent accounts, or accounts in violation of our acceptable use policy, without notice. Canceled accounts may be subject to a reactivation fee of $25.
  8. SWave.Net makes no claims concerning the security of its computer network and the data stored on it. Normal, reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the privacy, safety, and integrity of all data, but SWave.Net will not be held responsible for damage to data stored on its computers or transmitted across its network. Also, SWave.Net will not be held responsible for damage incurred, either real or intangible, by its clients or by anyone storing data or transmitting data using SWave.Net computers or data lines. All risk is assumed by the client and the client hereby absolves SWave.Net of any responsibility and liability.
  9. SWave.Net will cooperate fully with any law enforcement authority in investigating any alleged illegal activity involving either SWave.Net’s clients or computer networks and equipment. The client is responsible for full knowledge of all laws applicable to the Internet, the use of computer networks, and communications in general.
  10. SWave.Net reserves the right to increase rates and modify agreements upon 30 days notice. Terms and conditions reflect the entire agreement of parties and supersede all previous oral and written agreements and understandings of the parties. These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of West Virginia.